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The San Francisco Basque Culture Center offers options for learning Euskara - the Basque language:

Basque Classes onsite at the Basque Cultural Center

Traditional classes are held at the San Francisco Basque Culture Center throughout the year. An interactive curriculum is used to promote conversation as well as listening, reading and writing skills. The classes are open to all who desire to study Euskara.

The adult class is in session during the Spring and Fall.

Please Contact the San Francisco Basque Culture Center's Euskara Chairperson for further information at: euskara@SFBCC.u


BOGA is an internet-based study program. It is designed to guide students in the study of Euskara from the most elementary level to a high level of profiency. In addition, students will gain significant knowledge of Basque culture and geography. Its easy to use format makes it a very enjoyable and easy way to learn Euskera. The requirements are that they have access to the internet, have a PC (will not function on a MAC) and want to learn! There is a one-time nominal fee.

Other Options


The Korrika is an exhibition race held every two years in the Basque Country to celebrate and support the Basque language. Each Korrika follows a different course, always attempting to cover a large part of Euskal Herria. The race lasts nearly two weeks, without pause, and the atmosphere is lighthearted & uncompetitive. Supporters cheer the participants on, rain or shine, and lively music can be heard along the course.

uTalk Basque

A new interactive iPhone application called uTalk Basque is now available. It features games, quizzes, images and speech for a truly fun & educational experience. 


Nor garen ez dakite
baina nor gara gu, 
nortasun agirian
gezur bat daukagu. 
Folklore kulturaren, 
gasna ta piperraren
inperioan bufoi gabiltz. 
Zer litzake mundua 
lau-buru bat balitz?

Ezin geldirik egon
Ardi beltz zaurituak, 
labelez zurituak, 
ez gara diruz bazkatzen. 
Ez dugu izateko 
baimenik eskatzen. 

Laku bat munduan
amets egiteko
Mundu bat lakuan
itsaso izateko. 


They don’t know who we are, 
but who we are… 
there is a lie on your ID 
In the empire of 
cheese, peppers and
folklore we look like clowns. 
What would the world be
if it were a Basque cross? 

We can’t stand still
to be in postcards, 
we are too noisy 
to be in museums… 
The wounded black sheep,
is being whitened with a quality label,
but you can’t buy us with money. 
We are not asking permission to exist. 

One lake in the world
to dream
a world in the lake
to exist. 

Lyrics by Sustrai Colina Translated by Aitor Iñarra

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