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What is RssReader?
RSS feeds

RssReader - free RSS reader is able to display any RSS and Atom news feed (XML)

Internet syndication and aggregation software.
Running under Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7.

RssReader: more than 4,100,000+ downloads!

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Latest news:

02/02/2007 RssReader beta RC3 for .NET Framework Version 2.0 released for testing, added Atom 1.0 detection. Download beta

10/12/2006 RssReader beta RC3 for .NET Framework Version 2.0 released for testing, with add URL(s) command line support.

06/30/2006 RssReader beta RC3 for .NET Framework Version 2.0 released for testing.

06/28/2006 RssReader beta RC2 for .NET Framework Version 2.0 released for testing.

06/18/2006 RssReader beta RC1 for .NET Framework Version 2.0 released for testing.

06/15/2006 RssReader beta for .NET Framework Version 2.0 released for testing.

06/14/2006 RssReader beta for .NET Framework Version 2.0 released for testing.

05/11/2006 RssReader beta for .NET Framework Version 2.0 released for testing.

04/10/2005 RssReader beta released for testing.

10/08/2004 RssReader beta released for testing (only for version upgrade, otherwise download and install first version

03/22/2004 New version released after 4 months hard working (beta testers thanks!) and more than 500 changes; Atom 0.1/0.2/0.3 support, import OPML, export, feed directory, configurable fonts and style sheets, feed password support, mark as important, type filter, sound, default browser support, print, email, memory optimizing, etc...

Upgrade instructions for version

11/21/2003 new version released with improved detection and progress bar when adding a new channel, few major bug fixes and cosmetic changes.

11/17/2003 new version released with added group folder support, all channels and group today headlines overview, unread headlines system tray icon warning, gzip compression support for faster and webmaster friendly low bandwidth new headlines checking, channel icons, new config options and many fixes and improvements.

News history

RssReader is 100% spy- and adware free!
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First time installation instructions:

Step 1:
If you have never run RssReader before, not running Windows 2003 or the latest Windows XP version and never installed the free Microsoft .NET framework you first need to download and install it.

Download Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 for XP/Vista/Windows 7

The easiest way (not any more) is to run Windows update or otherwise visit Microsoft How to Get the .NET Framework 1.1.

Step 2:
Download RssReader as:

Download RssReader as ziprssreader.zip or as Download RssReader as exerssreader.exe

Step 3
Install RssReader (if you have installed RssReader before see Step 1 of the upgrade instructions).
If you downloaded the .zip version then unzip the file (using for example WinZip) and run setup.exe
If you downloaded the .exe version run that one.

Step 4:
Look for this XML or RSS RSS feed pictograms in news pages of websites, for example Yahoo! news or BBC news.
Place the mouse arrow on one of the above pictograms (in the website you found) and click the right mouse button, then choose "Copy Shortcut".
Start RssReader and go to add(+) channel/feed and then paste (click right mouse button) the url and press ok. Add as many feeds to this free RSS reader as you want and use it as free news aggregator.

Free Dutch News feed:

Upgrade instructions:

Step 1:
Close RssReader first (no RssReader system tray icon also)

Step 2:
Uninstall RssReader (Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, select RssReader, Remove)

See Step 2 of first time installation instructions

RssReader is FREEWARE, which means that you can freely copy the original installation package without any modifications and give it away to all of your friends. We don't take any responsibility for any damage to your computer caused by installing or inappropriate use of this program.

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Please mail bugs (known bugs) and any suggestions or questions to:

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