About us

CodeSyntax is a software company located in the Basque Country, Spain. We are dedicated to making the Internet a truly global experience through internationalization and localization services.

These are the principles behind our job:

  • Design.
  • Usability.
  • Innovation: always looking beyond, we are working on several R & D projects, which is reflected in our work.
  • Globalization: which is a combination of Localization (the process of adapting a product to a particular region) and Internationalization (all the engineering behind it).
  • Search Engine Optimization: search engines are the biggest traffic source generators for most websites, therefore it's critical being in a good position.
  • We firmly support and use open source software.

We have experience in content management, collaborative news websites, community websites, corporate portals and intranets, and, particularly, designing and managing multilingual websites and localizing applications in different languages. We do IT-consulting, project management, application development and application service providing.

CodeSyntax also provides globalization consultancy to companies that need expert advice in order to compete globally or launch multilingual websites.

We are members of these associations:

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Azitaingo Industrialdea 3K
E-20600 EIBAR
Basque Country - Spain
Tel: (+34) 943 82 17 80

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