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Board of Directors

Board of Directors email (to all members of the board):



The 2018-2019 Board of Directors currently has one vacancy that will be filled in the next elections in June of 2019.


Gracian Goyhenetche - President

Jean-Pierre Cabalette - First Vice-President - Finance Chairman

Joseph Goyhenetche - Second Vice President


Philippe Acheritogaray - Secretary - NABO delegate

Anita Arduain - Treasurer


Aitor Berrueta - Director

Valerie Arrechea - Assistant Treasurer/Secretary



Xabier Berrueta - Director - Euskara Chairman - Pilota Chairman

Christian Iribarren - Director


Leon Sorhondo - Director

Pierre Etcharren - Director - Entertainment Chairman - NABO Delegate


Jamison Narbaitz- Director -


Jean Gorostiague - Director - Building & Grounds Chairman

Tony Huarte - Director

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