Lisa Corcostegui


Lisa Tipton Gabica Corcostegui

Lisa is a second generation Ontario Basque Club member and was an Ontario Basque dancer as a child. Her maternal grandparents Elias Gabica Echanis and Valentina Uberuaga Azcuenaga were from EreƱo and Lekeitio, Bizkaia. Lisa is the webmaster of the Ontario Basque Club website, serves as a NABO delegate and is the club's Euskara instructor.  She currently lives in Reno, Nevada and is the director of Zenbat Gara Basque Folk Dance Ensemble.  Lisa designed Beti Alai's current costumes and instructs the dancers once a month. Lisa holds a master's degree in Spanish language and literature and a Ph.D. in Basque Studies.  Lisa teaches genealogy workshops at the Basque Center, is a member of Antzinako, and is a partner in the Basque genealogy research service, the Basque Branch.