The Aire sisters grew up in a household filled with music and song and took to it at an early age. Improvised verses were heard sung on the radio during meals since in their household, improvised verses were held in very high regard as their father, Mixel Aire and their late grandfather, Xalbador, are well known bertsolaris (singing extemporary composed songs in Basque according to various melodies and rhyming patterns).

Miren, Amaia and Paxkalin, the three Aire sisters from Urepel (Lower Navarre), started to sing together as a trio in 1992. A few years later they made their mark in contemporary Basque culture with their rendition of the Basque Country Live (Euskal Herria Zuzennean – EHZ) musical festival’s anthem, Arrosako Zolan.


After taking a break for a few years, the trio recorded their first CD entitled Bidexka (The Trail), which was released towards the end of 2014. The CD pays tribute to the artists of the Ez dok Amairu movement (There is no thirteen – an avant-garde artistic and cultural movement to renew and contemporize Basque culture in the years 1965-1972), such as Mikel Laboa, Benito Lertxundi, Lourdes Iriondo, Xabier Lete, Mixel Labeguerie, Eñaut Etxamendi. They also sing verses from their grandfather, Xalbador. With this CD Aire Ahizpak wanted to pay tribute to all these artists and equally to their parents for encouraging their broad repertoire. In this same spirit, Aire Ahizpak recently added a Basque version of Chilean artist Violeta Parra’s 1966 classic Thanks to Life / Eskerrak Bizitza.




Clip from the film Xalbador, Izana eta Izena



Eskerrak Bizitza: