Miren Asumendi


Presentation Abstract



Euskara maite dut!
Basque egotea maite dut!
Nire Euskal ondarea maite zaitut!

I am a Boise, Idaho native who has always been thrilled about my BASQUE Heritage.

Basque imagination is robust. Mythology and legends were generated in the Old Country to help explain environmental phenomena and life experienced. As we know, Laminak, Basque Faeries, are a rich part of Basque Mythological history, and have been present for at least thousands of years. In The Basque Country, Laminak were purported to live in cavernous underground areas in Castles near streams and had webbed feet or fish-like (mermaid) tales.
They aided others, e.g., farmers-with work, such as plowing unfinished fields-for gifts in return.

My typical vibrant Basque imagination sees contemporary Laminak morphing to have humanoid feet and wings in place of bird-like feet or mermaid-like fish tails of earlier Laminak. I see Laminak continuing to make sense of the increasingly complex world we live in by not only helping with physical tasks but also by shoring up internal gifts of compassion, sensitivity, savvy and other supports to offer

I have, for many years, fantacized about Laminak, Basque Faeries, coming to America.  While in Boise, Idaho, next living in California (another Basque dense area), and now The Pink Palace our home in Kentucky-which is near caves and caverns with streams...terrain congruent to Laminak habitats in the Old Country-I may have glimpsed Laminak working then frolicking!

The magic is here!

Let's explore Laminak errespetua, bakea and zorion! 




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