Miren Asumendi

 Miren Denice Asumendi



Miren Denice Asumendi, born and raised in Boise, Idaho, matriculated there all the way through Boise State University, graduating Cum Laude with Zoology Pre-Medical Major & Chemistry Minor B.S Degrees.

Miren enthusiastically enjoyed the Basque Culture prominent in Boise. She danced with the Oinkari Basque Dancers at a time when they traveled to the World's Fair in Spokane, Washington as a part of a larger Basque Ethnic Contingency.

After graduating from BSU Miren had three children, Annah, Daniel and Joshuel whom she loves dearly. She continued dancing,choreographing and teaching with her kids included. Miren danced also with "Up with People", "Horizon Dance Team" and several other dance ensembles.

Then Miren returned to her Medical Education, with her three kids, entering Medical School.

Dr. Miren Asumendi has been a practicing Psychiatrist for 24 years conducting Psychotherapy and managing Psychotropic Medications for those in need.

Miren, has for years, loved the Arts especially in the areas of Dance, Sewing and Drawing. She attributes her skills in these areas to her Dad and Mom who both had Artistic talents. Albert, her Dad, had a keen design eye which showed in his Archeitectural Designs,Photography and Drawing. June, her Mom, was a skilled seamstress and talented Illustrator.

Miren is merging her Artistic
Energies with her Medical Psychiatric Education...in Laminak. These Basque Faeries will be one vehicle by which all can continue to build Emotional Well Being.

Miren, her Kids, Grandkids, Elijah, Ariana & Bianca, along with Mark Gavula have been studying, brainstorming, creating and furthering the Laminak line.