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Basque Mythology & Spirituality


San Francisco Basque Cultural Center

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

The eleventh edition of Basque Cultural Day will explore Basque Mythology & Spirituality, themes inspired by Denise Orpustan-Love and the Angeles Arrien Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education and Research.


The day will feature four distinguished speakers and will culminate with a special dinner show with the Aire Ahizpak singing trio from the Basque Country, and the Ardi Baltza dancers from Nevada.


Admission to the program is free of charge with the exception of the evening dinner show, featuring Aire Ahizpak & Ardi Baltza.

Presentations            Dinner Show



HITZALDI ZATI BAT - Presentations - 1:00pm-4:15pm

The following distinguished speakers will be featured:


Mia Arostigui


Mia Arostigui will present her research on the works which depict Basque mythological creatures, superstition, and characters from folklore purely based off of Basque artistic elements and writings.

Presentation Abstract


Miren Asumendi



Miren Asumendi will present the Basque mythological character Laminak along with related art work and writings.

Presentation Abstract


Caryn Larrinaga


Caryn Larrinaga, A Basque-American author, will present her book - Galtzagorriak and other creaters - Stories inspired by Basque Folklore.


Denise Orpustan-Love


The Keynote Speaker Denise Orpustan-Love will present her book The Mill House Speaks: Seven Pathways to the Ancestral Basque Homeland.

Presentation Abstract






The Ardi Baltza Dancers will perform during the evening dinner.








Dinner Show with Aire Ahizpak


The day's presentations will conclude with a six course dinner at the Basque Cultural Center, 7:00pm and will be followed by a concert by the renowned Basque folk singing trio Aire Ahizpak of Urepele, Lower Navarre.

Please make your pre-paid reservations by mailing a check, payable to the “BEO”, to BEO, P.O. Box 31861, San Francisco, CA 94131-0861, by October 21st. The cost is $50 per person and includes a complimentary raffle ticket for door prizes (children under 12 $15).

For any questions please contact Nicole Sorhondo at 415-285-0748 or at I .




Amets Arzallus, (left) the renowned bertsolari and current bertsolari champion, will be a special guest of the Basque Educational Organization and will share a few bertsos during the evening with the Basque Cultural Center's own Johnny Curutchet.



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