NMEE is dedicated to promoting and preserving the Basque culture in New Mexico. We are especially interested in recognizing New Mexico’s unique Basque history, from the time of the conquistadors to the more recent sheepherders.

NMEE is a non-profit organization (Club) and is formed to keep and practice
the culture and traditions of the Basque people; to engage in educational, social, and
recreational activities to bring together those interested in the Basque people; to
support the members in any reasonable manner; and to promote the Basque culture in
the greater community.

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  1. John Lorenzo Archuleta

    I am an descendant of Asencio Arechuleta who arrived with the Onate expedition in 1598. I would appreciate any and all input I can receive from anyone researching the same family. Even though he was from Eibar, Spain, I cannot seem to get any additional info beyond that point.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    John Lorenzo Archuleta

  2. Juan J Uribe

    my last name is Uribe, i’ve been told by Spaniards from Spain that it’s of Basque origin, and i’m interested in learning about my origins. i ran into this site and was intrigued to know there is a Basque Organization in my state. i would like to hear from you if possible, thank you.

  3. buber Post author

    Hi Lucille, the club is a bit dormant right now, but I have hopes to revive it. When we get going again, I will post something on the page here.

  4. teresa

    My mom is from Gernika, and I am looking for othe Basques here in NM.
    I had a lot of basque friends in California, and I feel totally alone here.
    Where are the Basques?

  5. willie

    The reason for my writing is because recently I read a book about Juan
    Bautista de Anza, he was originally from Hernani, Spain. I bought the
    book because my family is from New Mexico, and at sometime way back we
    had a governor named de Anza. After buying the book it turned out that
    it was not the De Anza that I was interested in. The book is about his
    father also named J.B. de Anza. The book turned out to be a treasure.
    The books tells about his growing up in Hernani and his life in the new
    Until reading this book I did not know too much about Basques, except
    that they all lived somewhere in the northwest and ran sheep ranches.
    This book is an eye opener. In my travels I have visited Ciudad
    Chihuahua, little did I know that this was one of many centers of basque
    activity in Mexico mostly in Norther Sonora and Arizona(way before it
    became a state). Many Basque Families are named which leads me to
    realize the cultural impact that they made in the Southwest is huge.
    Juan Bautista De Anza jr. was himself a great explorer, and found the
    trail from Arizona to California. Later on he took a bunch of settlers
    on the same trail and did not lose anyone! I keep thinking that I am
    preaching to the choir. Any Basque should know this.
    If anyone is interested in old history of Basques in Spain this might be
    for them and or maybe someone is interested in the Basques in the
    southwest. The history in Spain is for the late 1600s, it is about
    normal living in a Basque town. Good stuff.
    I am willing to donate the book. Just send me an address


  6. Hodei Harina

    Dear Euskal Etxea:
    We are a group of students of Secondary Education from pasaia, on the coast of Gipuzkoa, Basque Country. WE have to do a project in english of a communtiy belonging to the Basque diaspora. We have choose this Euskal Etxea to do the presentation.
    We would be grateful if you could sent us information about the follow:
    1 – When the Basques first went there. Date?
    2 – Who are they – and which part of the Basque Country did they come from?
    3 – Why did they come?
    4 – What are they doing there now? Do they have jobs?
    5 – What sort of “Basque” things do they do?
    6 – What can we find out about their identities now? How “Basque” are they still

  7. Hodei Harina

    Thank you very much for your help.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Hodei, Zalduas, MIkel, Julen

  8. Daniel

    I am presently a student at The university of New Mexico -Gallup. Have a big cultural awareness event upcoming and am presenting exhibit on Bass culture. Can use your help. Please contact me. Thank you.

  9. Yvonne Marcilla

    My husband was with the group that initiated the visit of the Isaba families to Albuquerque several years ago. I have been asked by some Basque family and friends, who are interested, where you have your gatherings so that we may attend.

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