Welcome to the homepage for NMEE

NMEE, or the New Mexico Euskal Etxea, is an organization dedicated to the preservation and celebration of Basque Culture in New Mexico.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the homepage for NMEE

  1. Monique

    Is this organization still active? I was wondering as my ancestors were from the Bearn, a province close to the Basque.
    Hope to hear from you

  2. buber Post author

    We aren’t very active right now, but the organization still exists. Hoping to get going again soon.

  3. Teresa Gomez

    My mom is from Gernika. I would love to hang out with some basques here in NM. I just moved here.

  4. buber Post author

    Hi Teresa,

    The club still exists, but it is pretty dormant at the moment. It would be nice to meet more people with ties to the Basque Country. Hopefully at some point we will try to have some potluck or gathering, to at least keep connections going.

    Welcome to NM!


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