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A community of Basques would gather in San Francisco's Northbeach back in the 1950's and 1960's. Every Sunday morning, the Basque community would gather to watch Pilota games on Broadway street at the Helen Wills playground. There was a front wall (plaza libre - one wall court). Following the games, the Basques would attend lunch and play mus at the local Basque restaurants in the area. 

Around 1979, the San Francisco Park and Recreation department decided to renovate the playground which left the Basque community without a place to play pilota. A committee was formed and started looking for property.They wanted a place for pilotaris to play and for members to gather. 

 The Basque Cultural center was built in South San Francisco and opened in the spring of 1982. Initial numbers were around 210 charter members. 

Today the Basque Cultural center has close to 500 members. For more about the early history of the center click here.

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