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The majority of the activities of the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center are managed through its standing committees: 

Building and Grounds 

The Buildings and Grounds committee is responsible for the facility and for its decor. The Chairperson of this committee is Jean Gorostiague


The Entertainment Committee is responsible for organizing the events at the center, especially the three major annual events of the anniversary festival in February, the summer festival in August and the New Year's Eve Gala. The committee generally meets on the third Monday of the month at 7:30pm. The Chairperson is Pierre Etcharren.


The Euskara Committee is responsible for programs for learning the Basque language. The Chairperson is Xabier Berrueta.


The Pilota Committee is responsible for promoting the sport of pilota and for organizing tournaments. The Chairperson is Tony Huarte.


The Youth Committee organizes activities throughout the year targeted to the youth of the BCC. The Chairperson is Valerie Arrechea.


The Cabinet Committee maintains the displays in the BCC lobby. The Chairperson and curator is Mayi Etcheverry


The Finance Committee manages the BCC's investment portfolio. The Chairperson is Gracian Goyhenetche.

Risk Management

The Risk Management committee identifies risks that face the center and crafts solutions to mitigate those risks.  The Chairperson is Jamison Narbaitz.

Gure Euskal Etxea Monthly NewsletterThe BCC sends out a monthly newsletter to its members. Click here to see the current and past newsletters.The newsletter editor is Nadine Goyhenetche.

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