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Korrika - San Francisco

KORRIKA - San Francisco - Saturday, March 23rd, 2013, 10:00am.

Please come out and celebrate the 18th edition of Korrika! We will be gathering at Hellman Hollow Picnic Area (formerly known as Speedway Meadows) in the Golden Gate Park on Saturday, March 23rd.

Running will take place from 10am-12pm. Lunch will be provided afterward.

There will be games & prizes - all ages are welcome!

Join us in solidarity with runners in the Basque Country to celebrate Euskara!

Free Registration is required: Register by emailing Patricia at: by March 17th.

Past Korrika Celebrations:

KORRIKA - San Francisco - Saturday, April 16th, 2011, 10:00am.

We got together in golden gate park on Saturday morning (4/16/2011). There were approximately 50 people - old & young, from here and from Euskal Herria (some are studying here, some are working here, some were from Arrasate (Gipuzkoa) on a month-long project, others were here on an extended vacation). It was a really great ambiance and everyone was happy to participate remotely in korrika. Lots of euskara was heard and celebrated! We ran a lap around the parkgrounds with a bicyclist leading the pack - he had music attached to his bike, so we listened to Gose (see video clip at bottom of this page) and the crowd shouted 'tipi tapa! tipi tapa! Korrika!' Afterwards, an incredible paella was prepared by Juan San Mames. Everyone had a good-sized helping of the delicious dish. People talked, children played and everyone enjoyed the day!!

Here are a few pictures...

The Basque Cultural Center celebrated the Korrika event, that happens every 2 years in the Basque Country in support of the Basque language euskara. 

Korrika is the Basque name of a Country-wide walkathon organized by the Coordinator for Basque Language and Literacy/Learning (AEK) in support of the Basque language. The objective of the event is to enhance awareness of Basque and raise funds to carry out this work on a daily basis in AEK study centres. 

The first Korrika took place in 1980 and the course ran from Oñati (Gipuzkoa) to Bilbao (Bizkaia). Since then, the walkathon has become one of the Basque Country’s major events in terms of number of participants. Over the past 28 years 15 korrikas have been held. 

2011´s Korrika will be held from the 7th April to the 17th April, from Trebiñu (Araba) to Donostia (Gipuzkoa). The slogan is "Maitatu, ikasi, ari,...Euskalakari" (Love it, learn it, speak it,...Euskalakari). It wants to be an homage to all those people who love the Basque language, learnt it or are learning it now, and use it. Kalakari is a word invented for this event, to represent the persons mentioned. 

A hollow baton is carried during the walkathon and exchanges hands at each change of kilometre. Inside there is a message which will not be made public until the Korrika ends on April 5th in Vitoria-Gasteiz, when a well-known Basque personality will read it out loud. 

In April of 2009, the Basque Cultural Center coordinatedKorrika Crissy Field in solidarity with the 16th Korrika in Euskal Herria. 


Who organizes the Korrika?

AEK, Coordinator for Basque Language and Literacy/Learning is in charge of organizing this event, with the objective of publicizing and reviving the Basque language. To this end, the Coordinator works in the field of adult education in the Basque language. In addition to Basque classes in its academies or euskaltegis, AEK conducts research and teacher education courses, creates teaching materials, and organizes cultural events and awareness campaigns in favour of the Basque language. 

How has AEK evolved? 

The earliest adult education courses for Basque-speaking adults were formed around 1965, the year of the first campaign to promote the recovery of Basque. Since then, AEK has continued in this field conducting many more such courses, but at the same time it has also promoted Basque classes for the general public. Enhancing the wide-spread use of Basque has always been objective and has led to the creation of its string of evening schools or gau-eskolak. This whole movement has been created with the support and encouragement of Euskaltzaindia, the Academy of the Basque Language. 

Today AEK is one of the Basque Country’s most important organisations in the field of adult language education in Basque, with some 100 academies and more than 500 teachers. Here is the video produced by the avant-garde group GOSE for the 2011 Korrika: 

Korrika 17ko kanta, Goserena!


Mingain zorroztuak ginen
Zuri, hori, berde eta gorri ginen
Barakaldon beterano ginen 
Arriskua ginen, 
erromeria ginen

Su iraultzaile ginen 
Enpresari eta sindikatu ginen
Lesbiana, hetero, gay ginen
Gehiegi izan ginen, 
nahikoa ez ginen 
Euskalakari izango gara! 

Pausoz pauso, gelditu barik 
Pausoz pauso, maitatu, ari... 
Pausoz pauso, euskalakari! 

Eserita, zer itxoiten zenuen? 
Beldurtuta, nekatuta ote zinen… 
Trena pasa da ta zu begira hemen 
Ukabila ginen eta hitza ginen 
Euskalakari izango gara! 

Pausoz pauso, gelditu barik 
Pausoz pauso, maitatu, ari... 
Pausoz pauso, euskalakari! 

We had our tongs
cut We were white, 
yellow, green and red 
We were *veterans in Barakaldo

We were danger, 
we were party 
We were a revolutionary fire 
We were businesmen and unions 
We were lesbians, hetero, gay 
We were too many, we were not enough 
We will be Euskalakari 

Step by step without a break
Step by step, love, work
Step by step, euskalakari. 

Sitting down, 
what were you waiting for? 
Maybe you were scared or tired 
The train came by and you are here staring 
We were fists and words. 

Step by step without a break 
Step by step, love, work 
Step by step, euskalakari. 

*Probably refers to Basque teachers or Basque speakers in a non Basque speaking place. 

Translated by Izaskun Kortazar "Euskalakari”, which is the slogan of Korrika this year, and is actually a made up word by the organizers of Korrika (AEK), which denotes a person who loves and cares about euskara and uses it at any opportunity.

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