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Eneko Dorronsoro presents Ttaup!, Ttaup!

Basque film maker Eneko Dorronsoro presented his film, "Ttaup!, Ttaup!" at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center's Basque Educational Organization's (BEO) Basque Film Series, on Friday, May 6th, 2011. Eneko Dorronsoro was born in Zumaia in 1978, and studied directing and screenplay in Barcelona. Has been working in film and television since then. Outstanding among his work as a director is the short film Olarro (2007) and the music report Karidadeko Benta. Lehengo munduaren azkena (2008). He was a member of the production team on series for TV like Brinkola and Pilotari for Euskal Telebista, and on film productions such as Eutsi! (2007) and La máquina de pintar nubes (2009). TTAUP, TTAUP! The Beating of the Oars is his first documentary. Eneko Dorronsoro (left) introduces his film in Euskara while Xabier Berrueta translates in English. Eneko Dorronsoro with BEO chairman Yvonne Hauscarriague (far left), BEO Vice-Chair Marisa Espinal and Xabier Berrueta. Here is a clip from Mr. Dorronsoro's presentation: Here is the trailer for Ttaup!, Ttaup!: For more infomation on this film or to purchase it, please click here to visit the Ttaup!, Ttaup! website. This film can also be checked out for viewing from the Martin Minaberry Library, located at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center. Please send an email to librarian@BasqueEd.org.

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