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Txirrindulari 2014-06-7

West Marin Ride

Back Row Standing (left to right) Philippe Acheritogaray, Jeanette Santini, Jean Goni, Craig Reisfield, Roland Cherbero, Dan Berterretche, Jack Uhalde, Beñat Mallabia Onaindia, Leon Sorhondo, Suzanne Elicetche, Dean Fantham, Bernadette Jensen (Petoteguy), Espen Jensen, Jean Marc Sorhondo, Pamela Madsen, Peter Santini, Charles J. Burkland (CJ), Dominique Berterretche, Dominique Erdozaincy, Remi Cuburu, Jean-Pierre Elissetche.

Front Row Kneeling (left to right): Yvonne Cuburu, Yvette Gorostiague Fantham, Gure Arrano Beltza (Black Eagle - Txirrindulari Kluba Mascot), Estefania P. Barahona, Iker Aguirrezabal, Christina Delgado-Martin, Paul Kramer, Gure Ikurrina (Basque Flag), Lars Madsen, Perry Kramer, Bonnie Ng-Kramer, Gure Nafarroako Bandera (Flag of Navarre), Julie Etchevers, Gerald Hirigoyen, Pat Tobin.

Directions for Txirrindulari BCC ride Saturday, June 7, 2014

Starting and Ending at the Chalet Basque Restaurant (405 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael, CA 94903 - Mabry Way is the cross street).

Short route about 30 miles. Long route about 44.5 miles.

1. Both routes start and continue west toward 101 Freeway on North San Pedro Rd.
2. Right on Marin Civic Center Drive (just before 101 Freeway).
3. Left on Merrydale Rd crossing over the 101 freeway.
4. Right on Las Gallinas Rd and continue to Lucas Valley Rd. As you ride down Las Gallinas Rd you can see the mid-century modern homes designed by Joseph Eichler.

5. Left onto Lucas Valley Rd
6. Continue until we’re about 9 miles into the ride and stop at Big Rock for pictures and 1st break at the top of the 7% climb (which would be about 1 mile long).

Watch out for wildlife on Lucal Valley Rd.

7. Continue west on Lucas Valley Rd to Nicasio Valley Rd (This will be about mile 14 for both routes)

LONG route takes a right on Nicasio Valley Rd and SHORT route takes a left.

The SHORT route will go south for about 4 miles to Sir Francis Drake Blvd where the long route will join and both routes will then continue on the same route to finish.

Meanwhile, the LONG route

8. Continues north passing scenic Nicasio and the Nicasio reservoirs and about 4 miles ends onto Pt Reyes Petaluma Rd
9. Left onto Pt Reyes Petaluma Rd for about 3 miles and stay
10. Left onto Platform Bridge Rd (thus leaving the right road that goes to Olema/Petaluma Pt Reyes)
11. Continue Platform Bridge Rd about another 2.5 miles to Sir Francis Drake Blvd
12. Left onto Sir Francis Drake Blvd for about another 8 or so miles till you meet short route at Sir Francis Drake Blvd and Nicasio Valley Rd. (This will be about mile 32 for the long route).

Both LONG and SHORT routes now continue south on Sir Francis Drake Blvd to Fairfax.

13. After passing Fairfax and entering San Anselmo, we will look for Butterfield Rd on our left (this will be 1 block past Suffield Ave).
14. You cannot make a left onto Butterfield Rd, so use the pedestrian crosswalks and traffic lights to walk the left on Butterfiles Rd and continue about 1 mile to Fawn Dr on right. There will also be a bicycle lane signage – Bike route 28.

15. Right onto Fawn Dr
16. As you go down Fawn Drive, keep left to avoid going up Fawn Court (which will dead-end on right side.)
17. As you go up a short hill, you will go down for about a block and then start a steep climb for about a block or so at 18% (some of you may have to walk up that block) until you see a wooden barricade on your left that only bicycles and pedestrians can enter. It should mark "Marin Open Space and Bike Route 28” should also be signed.

Sag wagon/car crews will have to return to Butterfield and continue toward San Rafael and take the 4th street road back toward 101 Freeway and go north to North San Pedro Road and head back toward Manuel T Freitas Pkway if necessary or just wait somewhere nearby. To be worked out later.

18. Bikers that entered the parkway will stay toward the right that takes you down a steep bike/pedestrian narrow route. Go very slowly to avoid hitting anyone.

19. When you come out on the other side, there will be another wooden gate with an opening that takes you out onto Mission Pass Terrace for a block or so and connects with Manuel T Freitas Pkwy down several steep blocks.

20. Continue east on Manuel T Freitas Pkwy until Las Gallinas Rd.

21. Right onto Las Gallinas Rd and continue until Merrydale Rd (you will see Macy’s on the right side of the shopping mall).

22. Left onto Merrydale Rd and crossing overpass at 101 freeway we will take a…
23. Right onto the Civic Center Drive until we meet North San Pedro Rd
24. Left onto North San Pedro Rd to the Basque Chalet Restaurant about a mile away.

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