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Txirrindulari 2014-10-04

Front row (l-r) Nicole Sorhondo, Gure Arrano Beltza (Black Eagle - Txirrindulari Kluba Mascot), Benat Mallabia, Cris del Mar, Dominique Berter-retche, Dean Fantham, Orlando Montalvo, Gure Ikurrina (Basque Flag), Gracian Goyhenetche, Pat Tobin, Angel Legarrea, Gure Nafarroako Bandera (Flag of Navarre), Espen Jensen, Martin Bachoc, Joseph Choperena, Peter Santini, Jeannette Santini.

Back row (l-r) Philippe Acheritogaray, Leon Sorhondo, Gure Ikurrina, Yvette Gorostiague Fantham, Valerie Gorostiague Montalvo, Nadine Goy-henetche, Joan Legarrea, Charles J. Burkland, Jean Marc Sorhondo, Martin Gehrels.

October 2014 Txirrindulari Bike Ride Summary

A wonderful day was had by the Txirrindulari riders on Saturday, October 4, 2014. All bikers began just after 8:00am at Edgewood and Canada Road on a ride that would end at noon. Eight bikers took the 40 mile Bide Luze and ten chose the 35 mile Bide Txiki route. The riders who went up the 7% grade of Kings Mountain were escorted by the experienced sag of Dominic Berterretche with the aid of Nicole Sorhondo (his map reader). The sag crew of Newbies Martin Bachoc and Jeannette Santini (his map reader) along with the 2nd sag crew of Jean Marc Sorhondo escorted the Bide Txiki riders. Both courses were challenging and for the first time, every rider finished the ride on their own without any falls, flats, nor injuries of any kind. This was also due to the diligence of the trusty "Artzainaks" sheepherders as I like to call the sag crews who did their jobs in a diligent manner and provided a great ride for the rest of us.. This was truly a "Zazpiak Bat" experience as there were 7 couples that were participants in this year's ride!

The reward was a pot luck feast hosted by Bernadette and Pat Tobin who generously opened their home to us for a second time. Dean Fantham was this ride’s recipient of the "Xabi Award" ! With his wife Yvette Dean has been instrumental in planning several ride routes. Look for the next Txir-rindulari Ride in May or June 2015. 

Photos from the ride:

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