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Txirrindulari 2013-10-05

The BCC Txirrindulari Kluba rode in the Woodside area this past Saturday, October 5th. Dan and Laura Berterretche hosted the ride at their home in Burlingame. From left to right: Joseph Choperena, Arrano Beltza, Jenna Tobin, Patrick Tobin, Xabier Berrueta, Delfina Krakau, Pierre Jauretche, Yvette Gorostiague Fantham, Ikurrina, Dean Fantham, Arielle Goni-O'Kane, Jean Marc Sorhondo, Martin O'Kane, Matt Newkirk, Nicole Çabalette, John Gouchon, Dominique Erdozaincy, Daniel Berterretche, Frederic Alfaro, Bernadette Pagadoy Tobin, Leon Sorhondo and Philippe Acheritogaray.

We had another terrific bike ride a week ago in the Burlingame - Woodside areas. We covered 35 miles for the short route and 39 miles for the longer route. Both routes were not difficult as indicated by the fact that both groups were riding in close formation and weren't spread out as some previous routes have shown.

The area covered by the routes started in Burlingame and proceeded south to Crystal Springs Road and then westbound toward 280 freeway where half went onto Canada Road and south to Woodside. The other half split up before 280 freeway and went back eastbound onto Ralston Ave and then south on Alameda de las Pulgas to San Carlos and then to Edgewood Rd and then west to Canada Road and south to Woodside where they met the slow group and they all returned back to the starting point together.

The hosts for the ride were Dan and Laura Berterretche in Burlingame near the 101 Freeway.

Dan did an outstanding job setting up for coffee and pastries to get our juices going early in the morning. Later, cooking up steaks and preparing the place for us with tables and everything to make our lunch extremely comfortable.

Following are the riders on the short route or better known as: Bide Txiki

Dan Berterretche

Philippe Acheritogaray

John Gouchon

Nicole Cabalette

Matt Newkirk

Arielle Goni-O"Kane

Martin O'Kane

Patrick Tobin

Jean Marc Sorhondo

Fred Alfaro

All being watched by our sheepherders; Artxainak (sag crew): Bernadette Tobin and daughter, Jenna and Leon Sorhondo

Riders on the long route or better known as: Bide Luze

Dean Fantham

Yvette Fantham-Gorostiague

Joe Choperena

Dominic Erdozaincy

Pierre Jauretche

All being watched by our sheepherders; Artxainak (sag crew): Xabie Berrueta and Delphina Krakau

The day started out with a beautiful sunrise and everyone was ready to get going until poor Philippe had a nasty fall walking with his bike shoes on. The metal cleats were slippery and he gathered himself off the black ice pavement like a true bicyclist and rode away as though nothing happened. I also learned that he was due for a knee operation several days later and he figured he might as well get everything taken care of on one shot. Just kidding of course. He said he feels terrific after the operation.

Philippe also took a bunch of pictures that I sent earlier which gave a view of what our ride looked like.

So that we don't forget some of the other people, Jean Marc Sorhondo and Joe Choperena both had a couple of flat tires that helped delay the start of the ride. Fortunately for them we had both tubes and pumps to get them going again. We immediately split them up so they weren't together before they caused more problems. We had four couples show up and made for a nice family outing.

Dean Fantham is always our trusty searcher as he can go anywhere and most of the time faster then the sags and brings back any lost biker back into the fold. He and his wife, Yvette were instrumental as they had a ton of routes to choose from since I was away in Europe having fun and left all the work for them and Dan Berterretche.

We had a new rider who has been wanting to join us for a couple of years but had never been able to make it until this ride. He also recently got married and was thinking of making it part of his honeymoon experience. I've got to hand it to him though since he came from Berkeley on Bart with his bicycle and returned the same way. He's from Bakersfield originally and has seen the light to come to the Bay Area. Welcome Pierre!

I was short of the sag crew this year only as it coincidentally happened that everyone was going to Europe, out of the city, busy with kids etc so I am thankful for the three that committed to helping me out. Their job is extremely valuable as they keep everyone's morale up, have food, drinks, bike repair tools, provide necessary rest if anyone needs it etc.

Delphina Krakau is leaving the Bay Area and returning to Boise where she is from within two weeks. She stated that she has had such a good time on our rides that she is planning to start one with the Idaho Basque group. Who knows, maybe we'll meet half way in Reno or Tahoe someday and have a big ride.

Bernadette also learned (through her husband, Patrick) within days of the ride that she was volunteering to sag and a special thanks to her as well. There were several candidates for the "Xabie Award" as you can see. The winner this year was awarded to Philippe Acheritogaray. Xabie, who the award is named after, was present and also gave a quick history of its' beginning.

Though there was more to it than the story he told.

Everyone had a safe ride and it appeared that no one was exhausted. All the riders and sags arrived back at the Berterretche house by noontime and we had a great meal as everyone bought wine, beer, sodas, steak, appetizers, salads, breads, cheese, desserts and so much that we could've had dinner there as well.

The camaraderie in these events is wonderful with the food, fun and laughter. Several people have already offered to host the ride that will take place next year in May or June (hasn't been determined yet).

Thanks to all,


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