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Txirrindulari 2011-10-15

October 15th, 2011 - The Streets of San Francisco

(Standing - left to right) Leon Sorhondo, John Gouchon, Dean Fatham, Daniel Berterretche, Alain Urruty, Gerald Hirigoyen, Terese Jambon, Daniel Sampior, Michel Tristant, Angelo Legarrea, Martin Bachoc, Gracian Goyhenetche, Nadine Goyhenetche, Emily Lobsenz, Joan Legarrea (Kneeling - left to right) Matthew Etchepare, Patrick Etchebehere, Philippe Acheritogaray

The BCC Bike ride on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011 was another successful ride provided with fun, good weather, and great views. The ride took place in San Francisco which started and ended at our BCC member Gerald Hirigoyen's Restaurant (The Piperade Restaurant).

There were two routes which provided necessary challenges and views according to riders desires and capabilities. The longer and more challenging route was called the Beach Ride (36 miles total) and the shorter but still challenging and perhaps a bit more visually stimulating was called the Presidio Ride (28 miles total).

The nine riders, alphabetically, consisted of: Philippe Acheritogaray, Martin Bachoc, Daniel Berterretche, Patrick Etchebehere, Matthew Etchepare, Dean Fantham, John Gouchon, Emily Lobenz, Angelo Legarrea, Alain Urruty and they were on the Beach Ride.

The 7 riders (also known as: Zazpiak Bat Riders), alphabetically, consisted of: Gracian Goyhenetche, Nadine Goyhenetche, Therese Jambon, Joan Legarrea, Daniel Sampior, Leon Sorhondo, Michel Tristant and they obviously made up the Presidio Ride.

The most important part of the ride consisted of the people that keep directions, food and drinks, spare equipment, boost morale etc were: Gerald Hirigoyen and Yvonne Cuburu who had the Beach Riders and Natalie Elicetche and Suzanne Elicetche who were responsible for the Presidio Riders.

Both routes started together in the financial district of San Francisco toward Fisherman's Wharf and along the Bay to the Golden Gate Bridge. Having crossed the bridge and going up toward the headlands on the west side of the mountains passed the bridge, both groups returned toward the city and at that point separated into the two routes and eventually met up at Twin Peaks for a needed rest stop and view of the city and more pictures.

Both routes then proceeded back down toward the North Beach Area and at 1PM came to a luxurious meal that appeared simple but, "Aah!" so delicious to eat. Thank you again Gerald Hirigoyen. Nadine had also made a birthday cake for Gerald and we sang a "Sorionak" to him.

As usual, a "Xabie Award" was given and Xabie Berruta was the recipient for this ride (he showed up a bit late for the sag wagon duties but did make it on time for lunch). The reasons given to receive the Xabie Award are not written in stone and change from ride to ride and they are decided by "the committee".

While it seemed the distances were less than the previous rides, it must be noted that we had a few riders from both groups who needed the sag wagon due to heavy cramping, fatigue, and in one case a tube which blew out resulting from heavy braking that caused the wheel to get extremely hot. This is where sags became instrumental and they felt their importance as well as the participants who also appreciated them being there.

Actually, everyone had a great time and everyone was safe which is the main result we expect at every ride.

We hope to have another ride next June 2012 prior to the SF Basque Picnic which brings others from distances to the ride and making it possible to enjoy a couple of events during that weekend. If anyone wishes to make their home the site of the next ride, let me know. Providing the site is the most important part of the ride as the routes are designed around the location of the meal site. I will work at getting help for meals, routes etc with the host. Other than providing the home, there is very little that will be required of you.

Leon Sorhondo

(Left to right) Sag Crew: Natalie Elicetche, Suzanne Elicetche, Yvonne Cuburu and Gerald Hirigoyen (pictured above with riders).

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