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Txirrindulari 2013-06-08

Leon Sorhondo

Back row standing - left to right: Xabier Berrueta, Dominique Berterretche, Daniel Bertererreche, Matthew Etchepare, Eric Kvarna, Gerald Hirigoyen, Michel Tristant, Yvette Fatham (Gorostiague), Dean Fatham, Nadine Goyhenetche, Leon Sorhondo, Gracian Goyhenetche, Daryl Keiper, Joan Legarrea, Angel Legarrea, Jean-Marc Sorhondo, Charles J. Burkland (CJ), Jaimison Narbaitz, Joe Choperena.

Front row kneeling - lefto to right: Philippe Acheritogaray, Dominque Erdozaincy, Delfina Krakau, Remy Cuburu, Andrea Franzoia, Katie Echeverria, Maidere Sorhondo, Stephanie Echeverria, Jean-Leon Cuburu, Celeste Chain, Yvonne Cuburu, Pat Tobin, Perry Kramer, Andy Chain.

Agur to all of you past, present and future Txirrindulari Kluba bike riders and sags (Support and Gear) people. 

The above pictures were mostly taken by Delphina & Philippe - Actually a picture is worth a thousand words but then who ever stopped me from writing about it anyway. 

First, I will give you a list of all the Bide Luze riders, Bide Txiki riders and the support team. Then, I will summarize the events just before the ride, the ride, and then the luncheon. 

Bide Luze Riders (11 of them): 
Acheritogaray, Philippe 
Berterretche, Dan 
Burkland, Charles J 
Chain, Andy 
Choperena, Joe 
Etchepare, Matt 
Fantham, Dean 
Fantham, Yvette 
Hirigoyen, Gerald 
Kramer, Perry 
Sorhondo, Leon 

Bide Txiki Riders (14 of them): 
Chain, Celeste 
Cuburu, Remi 
Etchevarria, Stephanie 
Franzoia, Andrea 
Goyhenetche, Gracian 
Goyhenetche, Nadine 
Keiper, Daryl 
Kvarna, Erik 
Legarrea, Angel 
Legarrea, Joan 
Narbaitz, Jamison 
Sorhondo, Jean Marc 
Sorhondo, Maidere 
Tristant, Michel 

The transportation crew (aka: sags): 
Dominique Berterretche 
Dominique Erdozaincy 

Patrick Tobin 
Katie Etchevarria 

Xabie Berrueta 
Delphina Krakau 

Jean Leon Cuburu 
Yvonne Cuburu 

It was a foggy start with patches of blue sky, enough to take a nice picture at Twin Peaks but then it got a bit foggy on the Marin headlands and then beautiful blue sky again by the time we got to Sausalito. 

The Bide Luze was not that much more then the Bide Txiki route (only 4.3 miles difference with more hills included) so there was plenty of challenge for everyone. Especially the ending with an 18% grade on the last block to 75 Cityview Way, SF where it ended with a reward of wine, beer and some outstanding gastronomic food. Most of the Bide Txiki riders were also riding mountain bikes while all of the Bide Luze riders had road bikes (it makes a little difference). Several orbea bikes were to be found among the riders. 

For those that have seen the pictures I forwarded to you, I will give a brief explanation of some of the events. 

The picture where you view Jean Leon Cuburu looking over onto Gerald Hirigoyen on the ground, Jean Leon did not knock him down, Gerald was incorporating some yoga into the bike ride. Therefore he can do two things he likes to clear his mind and body with at the same time. 

Later you see Michel Tristant was trying to push the truck to show just how ready he was for the ride. Mostly everyone is losing patience as they can't wait to get started. 

Now that the ride has begun, you can see the variety of costumes some riders are wearing such as the basque flag turned into a riding shirt. Not everyone has a BCC jersey but we are working on that too. 

Later on you see a picture of Remi smiling with the cops in the Presidio just before getting to the GG Bridge. That was nervous tension as he had been stopped by the police for doing a SF stop at the stop sign (violation CVC22450). Thanks to Pat Tobin who was a sag crew member for the Bide Txiki, did Remi get off with a warning only. That wasn't enough, Remi tried this two more times to test the waters. Of course a bit later as we were going up the Marin headlands to Hawk Hill, Remi was again caught getting a pull with one of the sag vehicles. This, as you all know, puts you up to the top of the list in terms of a possible "Xabie Award" taking some points away from Jean Marc Sorhondo who had a flat tire relatively early on in the ride. 

The flat was fixed and Jean Marc did finish the ride with flying colors. Erik Kvarna was riding his fixed gear bicycle (only one gear) and was seen walking up part of the ride. I think he thought it was the flat lands of Nevada or something. He more than made up for it by bringing a delicious Paella which I heard can be purchased for special events if you care for some. Not to be outdone, I heard that Maidere was sightseeing along Sausalito when the light turned red and a bunch of old folks started crossing the street. She would not dare try to beat them and instead slammed on her brakes and flew over the bike, a true hero to the crowd. She definitely earned the "blood, sweat and tears" award which she can bottle up in her Euskatel water bottle. Though in pain, she would not be stopped on the 18% hill to the house and while everyone was watching, forced herself to make it up the 25 year old mountain bike (at best) in the middle gear (yay!). Bye the way, Andy Chain and Gerald Hirigoyen were the first of the groups to arrive at the finish. 

Everyone eventually made it back to the start by noon time where some questioned why we had to finish our ride on an uphill. I am waiting for several of you to volunteer your place so we can choose a less difficult finish (hint, hint). The last several pictures you see are of the party at the backyard of the Sorhondo residence. 

I would be remiss to tell you that Nicole put in a tremendous amount of work in cleaning up our garage all week, preparing a special roasted chicken, lukinka (basque sausage) and potatoes (brought and grown from Jean Leon Cuburu's backyard). Plus getting the backyard with tables, seats etc while we were all riding. 

You can see the dishes were outstanding with everyone trying to do their best in pleasing each other. Gerald Hirigoyen of course brought one of his dishes which he says is easy to make, though he puts a special taste to the lamb bean platter that he brought along with eons of his own wine. Philippe and Jean Leon also brought several wines as well as others. Don't forget the Paella from Kvarna. Delphina Krakau made an outstanding tuna salad according to Marielle. 

By the time I got to the food, I didn't have much choice left but there were still desserts from Yvette Fantham, Joan Legarrea, and CJ (friend of Maidere). I do however, enjoy my breakfast since there is still some banana bread from Perry Kramer (friend of Jean Marc), cupcakes from Maitexa, and brownies from Nadine. I apologize for leaving so many of you out as it's hard to remember who brought what. 

Everyone was extremely generous with the food and drinks which was appreciated by all cause we almost ran out of food. When the meal was finished, Xabie explained the creation of the Xabie Award and shortly afterward the award was given to Remi Cuburu (decided by the committee). 

After the awards were given, most continued to enjoy the wines, desserts or Basque cheeses (from Iraty as well as the P'tit Basque) before heading for home. There was much laughter from everyone. I would also be remiss if I didn't give a special thanks to all of the sag crew. They try to keep track of the bikers in their group and assist them in directions or providing water, gatorade or letting the riders put up their bikes on the vehicles while they rest or change their flat tires etc. 

There were several new people on the sags so they are still learning what a heavy responsibility comes with being a sag. Hopefully we can make the next ride sometime from early October to mid-October depending on who hosts the ride and their schedule. 

Leon Sorhondo

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