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Txirrindulari 2010-09-25

September 25th, 2010 (Pennisula - San Mateo, Foster City)  

Basque Bike Ride—Left to right: Mathew Etchepare, Dominique Berterretche, Yvonne Cuburu, Suzanne Elicetche, Aimee Goyhenetche, Gracian Goyhenetche, Mayie Sampior, Therese Jambon-Idiart, Leon Sorhondo, Yvette Fantham-Gorostiague, Michel Tristant, Joe Choperena, Fred Alfaro. Kneeling: Joe Goyhenetche, Dan Berterretche. 

Thanks to Joe and Stacy Goyhenetche for hosting the September 25th bike ride around Foster City and the San Mateo region. The hosts complement each other in cooking as Joe reproduced Chef Hirigoyen's special chicken appetizers found on page 70 of the Pintxo'x cookbook (I wish he was there to see what a great job Joe did). Stacy made a flourless chocolate delicacy cake that compares with the best I've tasted from pastry shops.

All of the riders finished within a few minutes of each other so it was a joyous event for everyone. Sag wagon volunteers were Dominic Berterretche, Suzanne Elicetche, Yvonne Cuburu, and Maidere Sorhondo. Their presence is critical. Riders commented they can keep on biking knowing the sag wagons are nearby to help feed us, give us drinks, help with transportation, fix our tires and in general boost our morale.

The 39 mile long ride was accomplished by Yvette Gorostiague Fantham, Joe Goyhenetche, Joe Choperena, Matt Etchepare, Fred Alfarro and Dan Berterretche (who was given private instructions by his brother Dominic on where to make the moves up the hill). Only Yvette saw Joe Goyhenetche fly over his handlebars when his wheels got caught in a grate. She reported, "Joe somehow managed to land on his hands and bounced himself right back into position ….with no injuries!   I only wish I caught it on video!” 

You need to ask Therese Jambon what she thought of the 29 mile SHORT ride. As she said, "Someone has to be the caboose.” But her much older bike kept pace with the faster, newer mountain bikes, and the group of seven called themselves the Zazpiak Bat Bikers, of course. Gracian Goyhenetche was in the front (he just finished the 72 mile Lake Tahoe bike ride with me and wanted to relax). Following him in order were Michel Tristant (Turlock), Aimee and Nadine Goyhenetche, Mayie Sampior, Therese Jambon, and me since I kept getting flats and couldn't put my tube properly back in the tire. This earned me this ride's "Xabi Award" which is not something you look forward to. Moreover, my 8-year-old daughter, Marielle, who’d been practicing a speech for the presentation, presented it and she told me to, "Just accept it like a man". 

You’ll have to come on the next ride if you want to know how this award came about. The next ride will be held in May or June of 2011. Thanks to all for another great ride!

Leon Sorhondo

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