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599 Railroad Catering Board

The Board of Directors of 599 Railroad Catering, Inc. are responsible for the management of the restaurant and catering services operating at the Basque Cultural Center. 

The San Francisco Basque Cultural Center, Inc. is the single shareholder of 599 Railroad Catering, Inc., a California General Stock Corporation.

2022 Board of Directors

Roland Cherbero - President
Eric Garat - Vice-President
Christine Elicagaray - Secretary 
Isabelle Bushman - Assistant Secretary

Valerie Arrechea - Director
Gratien Etchebehere - Director 
Jean Gorostiague - Director
Aimee Goyhenetche - Director
Jean-Baptiste Lorda - Director  
Patrick Minhondo - Director
Juan Jose San Mames - Director 
Jack Uhalde - Director

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